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Official POOF Website Launch!: With Prizes!

Aeris / Aug 26, 2016 / Event
!!!Hello and Welcome to POOF!!!

Hey there folks! The time has finally come... The time for we glorious POOF members to take our antics beyond the realms of just the game, and into our very own guild website! And here it is; Our home away from home, accessible from laptop, tablet and even phone (though it's far less pretty there)!

Here we hope to do all manner of things. Provide easy access to guides and information, introduce ourselves so new and old members alike can more easily find common interests, hold a number of events (with prizes!!!), keep in touch aaaaand above all, just have fun!

I know this post is long, you need not feel obligated to read all of it. BUT I do suggest at least reading a) the Signup Event located just below here, and taking a quick look at the "Forum How To's" located in the Quick Links box. If you want something a little more informative, feel free to read more or all of this entire post (I promise news will never be this big again!)!

Signup Event!

Now before I possible lose your attention... I'll quickly explain the first mini-event and its corresponding prizes. To help pump some life into our new website I'm going to be dishing out a bit of a signup bonus. The first 25 people to signup to the site and make an introduction more-or-less in line with what we want (see HERE for introduction guide) will each get 10 ectos by mail! Anyone who signs up in the first week after the first 25 (come on folks, do me proud! =D) will receive 5 ectos.

~First 25 to sign up and write an intro will get 10 Globs of Ectoplasm!
~Any additional people who signup and write an introduction will get 5 Globs of Ectoplasm!

With that out of the way, back to more websitey things we go!

Website: A Quick Look

As you can all quickly see, our website has a number of nifty boxes and buttons and whatnot for your convenience!

The Menu Bar: Big ol buttons to take you to the major pages on our website (or in the case of Home, bring you back!). The Forums are full of all manner of sections, and you should definitely take a look. News will be where we post nifty things you oughta know about as a member of POOF, and the latest 5 will show up on the home page! Events will take you to a nice big calendar of all our upcoming events where you can sign up for things in advance. In Media we'll share particularly juicy screenshots and videos (limited space available, best to upload stuff in forums). You can add your characters and see who else is signed up in Roster. And you can view all the going ons on the website in Activities!

The Left: In the upper left corner you'll find the Quick Links box where we'll keep particularly useful shortcuts for things like How To's, Raid Signups, etc. Below that is Latest Posts; it's what's on the tin. And under that is where we'll be posting our guild Polls, if we happen to want to put something to a vote or just screw around!

The Center: In the center the five most recent News posts will be displayed. Below that you'll see all the most recent Activities.

The Right: To the upper right you'll find our Shoutbox, one of the numerous ways to talk with your fellow POOF members on the site. Below that is our event Calendar where you can see what days we have something planned, as well as the next so many upcoming events (along with their date and time!)

The Far Upper Right: Up in this little corner of the site you'll be able to login, see who is online, open up a real-time chat and send other members messages!

The Near Future

Over the course of the next few weeks (depends how long it takes to get folks on and using the site!) we'll be adding a few events with prizes (little things that require uploading an image and such for now. Eventually we'll be doing things like 'big' scavenger hunts with a chance at great rewards (one day I hope to go so far as to have precursors among the prize pool for events where enough people participate! =p), new guides (sick and tired of asking what you need for a meta-necromancer then forgetting? We'll have you covered!), some tweaks here and there... and more!

I hope many of you come to enjoy and actively use our new site! Never forget... it's far far easier to sneak on here with your phone or PC during work than it is to sneak onto the game itself folks! ^_-


(Photos courtesy of Doot and her Photo Albums! Moose-on-Deer love... It's a beautiful thing!)


And yes I know, technically I put this post out a day in advance, but it's a long one, and I wanted to make sure it was chock full of information for those of you who are interested! =D
It's about time!!!!!😱
heh yes... Games only been out for 4 years now! But... b-better late than never! (I think this is actually the second site the guild has had, sort of? One back when it was CRZY or something but it's since... POOFed...! Ahem...)

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