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Aeris / Sep 09, 2016 / Event

The time has finally come boys and girls... the start of the long awaited events I wouldn't shut up about while hounding you all to sign up for this website in the first place! There are two events to be had for now, both of which reoccur weekly (where you can get prizes all over again)! We're kicking it off with some simple ideas for now while we try and get people into a website using mood now that folks are back from PAX and whatnot. And remember... the more activity we can get into future events, the better the prizes will be! The two ongoing events are as follows...


Click Here For Full Details: The Post Raffle is an ongoing weekly raffle in which randomly selected members will win their post counts weight in Globs of Ectoplasm! No 'entry' required beyond being applied to this website as a member of our glorious guild. As such, get to posting folks! Everything from introductions to participation in other events to corn porn (basically everything that contributes 'something', even if it's a tiny something) earns you another ecto if you happen to be the winner! Three winners a week for now, and we've got 33 folks applied to the site. So you've got a 1 in 10 chance of winning every week for now! Not shabby odds at all, so it's definitely worth getting your post count up a bit (please do not just meaninglessly spam though!) so I'm not forced to send you a sad measly 1 ectoplasm! That would just break both our hearts...

Super Simple Screenshots

Click Here For Full Details: The Super Simple Screenshot event is an ongoing weekly event where EVERY ENTRANT (once a week) gets a go at our Prize Wheel. Everyone's a winner and every winner gets a prize! All you have to do is take screenshots of your character with three sets (1, 2, and 3) of white balloons I'll be placing in the guild hall in easy-to-find locations and upload them to the corresponding dated Super Simple Screenshots post in the Event section of the forum. Every Monday I'll spin the prize wheel for every person who entered that week before moving said balloons and opening the new weeks entry thread.


We hope to add new events as people participate in the old. The quicker and stronger website usage grows, the sooner we'll get to even more elaborate events with truly flashy prizes (I hope to eventually add things like precursors and gems to the prize wheels for bigger events). As such I really hope you guys have fun and are interested in participation. If you think you've got a good idea for an event, please suggest it in the Events section!

We also intend to continue to update our guides and useful information and whatnot as time allows!


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This is awesome!!!! Kudos, Yeshua!

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