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Prize Wheel Details!

Aeris / Sep 23, 2016 / Event
Ok so I finally have the prize wheel sorted out at long last! The one that will be used for the Super Simple Screenshots contest anyways. Those who have participated thus far will get asked their chosen numbers when I get a chance and rewarded! As for what you can win? Well lets have a look...

There will be 50 items laid out comprised of the following (first number is how many times its among the 50 prizes, second, if there is one, is how many of that item you win) items. There's also a handy guide to the value of the prize as of the time I set all this up!

1x Senpai Notices Me! Priceless!
1x 1 Chocolate Banana and 3-character 'Strip Dance' Priceless!
1x Lucky 777s 07g07s07c
1x 50x Globs of Ectoplasm 15g57s50c
1x Bolt of Damask 06g91s70c
1x 1 Hour of Assistance (or 5g) 05g00s00c
1x 3 Hours of Assistance (or 15g) 15g00s00c
1x 5x Vials of Powerful Blood 02g49s85c
1x 5x Powerful Venom Sac 01g25s20c
3x Respin with Double Reward (Can stack! (Additively)) ?!g?!s?!c
3x Assortment of Cake 03g00s00c
7x 10x Globs of Ectoplasm 03g11s50c
7x 5x Globs of Ectoplasm 01g55s75c
7x 250x Silk Scraps 01g70s04c
7x 3x Mystic Coin 02g54s13c
7x 3x Unidentified Dye 01g79s91c

Ignoring the special items which cannot be given a clear value, the average prize value is about 3g with high prizes being well... priceless! (or several hundred gold if you have scary levels of luck and hit the respin over and over before hitting one of the 15g prizes! =p) . If you get the respin prize I'll redo the wheel and whatever prize you happen to get on that respin is doubled. If... you get the respin on that double, I respin again and the prize is tripled. Basically it stacks, but additively, not multiplicatively. =p

When it comes to a matter of being entered for a spin, you just do an applicable event (in this case the Super Simple Screenshots weekly event) and pick your number when you make your submission. Anything from 1 to 50 (as there are 50 items being rearranged to have a spot). I'll rearrange the list that I already have scrambled up, and whatever item happens to come up at the number you picked is your prize!


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