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HP Train & Possibly Return of Events!

Aeris / Jan 14, 2017 / Event
~~~An HP train led by Alex is taking place today (1/14/2017) at 6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST)!~~~

Also! Some people are starting to express interest in doing things again/we have new folks to boost these ranks. So if you have any interest in us having things such as...:

Guild Missions, World Bosses, HoT Meta Events (such as a POOF tag (or all tags) in DS), Dungeons, Fractals, Roleplay, Particular Achievements Hunting, etc!

Please, PLEASE express interest here or in discord about the things you would like to do (especially the ones you are most interested in/least interested in) and the times that work best for you to do them so I can see if it's realistic to get some stuff running again. I enjoy running things for the guild, but I need to know I'll have more than 2 folks participating for something that might require hours of time or more people than that to be successful. =p


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